How To Clean Water Dispenser In Your American Fridge Freezer?

Drinking water is among the most important necessities and water dispenser inbuilt with the fridge would be a better solution for availing fresh, filtered and cool water at home and also at the commercial establishments. It doesn’t require much time, efforts and expertise to clean this system to ensure better quality of water for drinking.

Why regular cleaning of water dispenser is required?

Usually, there can be obstacles in the dispensing pipeline and the flow-rate of the water may be reduced because of this issue. Even sometimes, the users may get some unusually musty odor of the water that indicates some contamination. Therefore, it would be better to clean the system following some simple steps regularly.

The ideal way to clean water dispenser:

It would be vital to understand the ‘DIY’ method for thorough cleaning of the water dispenser attached to the American fridge. Here are some simple steps to clean the water dispenser:

Detaching the copper tube:

First of all, you need to disconnect the water supply to the pipeline from the reservoir by turning the provided valve in ‘OFF’ position. (Turn the provided valve clockwise).

Then, you can loosen the screw that joins the copper tubing making use of the screwdriver. You need to ensure that you are using the right tool for this job. Proper profile and size of screw driver and fluency in operating it would save your energy and time.

Use of vinegar for cleaning the copper tubing:

You need to pour vinegar (about 3 cups) in the tube and ensure that it enters the upper reservoir by holding the tube upright. To let the tubing be in the same position, it can be a better idea to fasten it to the back side of the fridge using a proper temporary fastening method like a tape. This drains the vinegar downwards.

Cleaning ice cube maker:

As a next step, you can remove the ice from the ice cube maker and turn the knob or lever provided, in ‘ON’ position. The vinegar poured will flow through the ice maker thoroughly and clean the working area.

As the lever is turned in the ON position, the vinegar would flow through the entire system min an uninterrupted fashion and would collect and clean the impurities lying on the working surfaces.

This can be an important aspect as there can be some impurities in this area of the system as well that influence the cooling and odor of the water being dispensed through the dispenser.

Taking out vinegar through the system:
You can press the button that you usually press to dispense the water from the system. Eventually, as vinegar is poured in the tubing and ice maker, it will drain out through the opening.

This activity would also thoroughly clean the fittings in the pathway of water and would remove the contaminants if any sticking to the inner surfaces in an effective manner.

So, apart from the tubing and ice maker, the same vinegar poured earlier would be used to clean the entire way through which the water passes before being dispensed in the glass.

Cleaning the spout using a brush:

The spout that is arranged to pour the water from the reservoir can be the last part of the system that also requires and deserves cleaning. You can use a medium brush for cleaning.

A bottle brush with adequate hardness of the bristles can be ideal for this purpose. You can dip the smaller portion of the bristles in vinegar and use it to clean the spout and the end of the copper tubing just behind the spout as well.

Cleaning the reservoir and drainage plate using a toothbrush:

A used tooth brush can be utilized by dipping the bristles in vinegar to clean the inner surface of the reservoir and also the drainage plate on which you usually keep the bottle or glass to collect the water being poured through the spout.

This area is usually exposed to the room temperature and dust particles might be deposited in a micro layer of this part of the system as well. Though this area doesn’t play any crucial role in functioning of the water dispenser, its cleaning matters to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the equipment.

Reassembling and commissioning the system:

You can now fit the copper tubing back into the position by placing the end into the exact slot and tightening the screw using the screwdriver. You need to run water through the system several times and throw away the first batch of ice, as it may contain some particles and odor like vinegar.

In this way, you can clean the water dispenser on your American fridge freezer avoiding the use of any harsh chemical and through some simple steps.

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